After the revolution comes the shame

by Saboon Fnord

This blog post is written to witness the dark times in heaven. Tunisia. These lines are written for an absent audience. I also like dramatic tone when writing, but I will try to entertain you from to time to time when reading this very long  blog post.

It was meant to be a kind of “fuck you” open letter, but now it is more a “fuck you and we are coming after you” open letter.

I haven’t written about Tunisia since a while. Moving forward requires not looking behind, and most certainly not getting attached to the same flaws, in society in general, that stop anyone from moving forward.

I am back to the keyboard to highlight the hell that Tunisia has become. A man-made hell that is focusing its resources and infrastructure into alienating the very people that are supposed to build it again, the youth.

It is a fight like many other fights, so I choose to not disclose publicly my identity.

The idea behind using a pseudonymous is to preserve the integrity of the content (the message), even if the messenger gets to be silenced (not necessarily in a violent way). Anyone can come pick up where we left and build from there.

We, people on the internets, spread ideas what we think are right, and hope these ideas reach someone, a person or a crowd.

Ideas have no owners, and good ones must be free of access for everyone else on the internets.

I hope my humble contribution, as small as it is, would help to drive this mad world into a better future. Serious matters are not cheesy.

Most importantly. The purpose of the blog post is to rally Tunisians, whoever of them, with access to this thread, and invite them to contribute with their ideas, and share our ideas with them, have a common space to talk between like-minded people. We act on our circle of influence, and we can also create new ones.

I see being Tunisian as a responsibility rather than a source of pride.

I would love to to contribute to build a community of Tunisian thinkers. Savvy of their environment, and ready to take non violent action.

Tunisia is the common ground for each of us, with no distinction of social level, gender, sexual orientation, age, belief, skin color, origins, language or whatsoever.

Common ground does not mean that we are the best, on the contrary. A subjective and objective critical sense is tremendous, and ideas are good if they remove a stress or resolve a pain, somewhere for someone.

Our reality as active youth is exasperating. We Tunisians are bleeding our most skilled people, boosted by a systemic unfair disposition of state in our home country.

For our community, the more diverse we will be the best, since by exchanging different ideas we learn from each other. It is a series of personal achievements from which a group will benefit. We stand for each other, and we are excellent to each other. Because at this point we have no choice.

I still do not know if it’s a sad or a happy fate, but I don’t believe in Disney movies.

If you are interested, please keep updated by following and Tunisia Live and their twitter accounts. We do not lack of talent and creativity, but I do not know them all, but please take a look at Anarchnowa, The people behind this gem are doing an excellent job and are actively working hard to get these videos out.

There used to be Takriz as corner stone for the community. Now the community can be built on Gov_OP_TN or OP_TN thanks to the efforts of @kangoulya. Anyone can create an account or just keep updated about potential projects. If you want to contribute actively here are links for the FAQ and rules.

Now we are the civil society, when nobody from the civil society showed up or fought for us. We are taking our fundamental rights back. We are citizen with computers. Don’t fear us, but don’t bullshit us.

I took the initiative to start #OP7adhba so we gather like minded people in the same space on the OP_TN forum or on twitter. If you need to know more about IT security and care about privacy I would recommend you to take a look at Crypto party Tunis. If you feel that you want to be on the foreforont, you can find here a list of the local hackerspaces in Tunisia. Here is also the listing of the Djerba hackerspace. You can also create your own, hackerspace, nothing would stop you. And if somebody does, just drop a line on the

I decided to not list twitter accounts of people to follow, but the one which stands out is Douha, she is an active digital rights advocate, and Amira Yahyaoui, qu’on ne présente plus.

More privacy measures would require using exclusively encrypted channels. Signal for messaging, Algo or OpenVPN to encrypt your browsing traffic, GPG for emailing. I’m not a specialist, but I actively use exclusively at least all of these channels.

Ok, but what is really happening in Tunisia?

Exporting Jihad is the title that the New Yorker pins when their reporter writes a thorough piece about Tunisia. The subtitle can’t be anymore clear:

“The Arab Spring has given Tunisians the freedom to act on their unhappiness.”

In Tunisia in 2017, money, people and technology are on-purpose dedicated to making the life of millions impossible. As excuse they use the chimerical terrorist threat. If we have something to fight for, terrorists would never dare to screw our well-being.

We are talking of bat shit crazy decisions like setting up 1200 cameras in Tunis. With face recognition of course. That’s the proof that all of the institutions are now centered on the well being of the most privileged, despite the pain of the smashing poor majority.

Investing in thousands of surveillance cameras, when everything had to be built. Motherfuckers.

To be fully a citizen in Tunisia you would have to look rich, and spend a lot, like the only thing that can make you have some decency is money. Most Tunisians live in their very own country like second zone citizens, with less rights than if they were illegal elsewhere. In Europe for instance. Poor and right-less.

The state and the people who are taking decisions daily are responsible of this mess. The rest of us are, passively . Inaction is a form of action. Not acting is conceding.

The state is made of people and is not an independent creature. People can be held accountable. The state is individuals not a  Hydra. These people are to be held accountable for their mistakes, misbehavior and treachery. Corruption.

For now the opposite is happening and it’s the regular innocent citizen who is monitored so nobody dares to think. A vicious dictatorship is back.

Another fucked up example: 404lab, a symbol of what oppression of the many for the interest of the few takes all its sense, became a hackerspace in 2012… and now is wired with surveillance cameras. Motherfuckers.

Personally, the last time I was in Tunisia, I was literally stopped every single day for a random police check. This check is made on very arbitrary motives, so law enforcers, police, can’t be held accountable even in the case of abusive checks.

There are more of these stories, everyone has bags of them, but let’s ask the right questions.

How random is it when they target young healthy people in their 30s?

If you kill at birth any initiative in Tunisia, will the people fight back? Again?

Then how and why is all this shit going unnoticed?

Where are the watchers?

Whose country is it, politicians, police, the rich, or the people?

Who took so many bad decisions?

Why do we think that the poor like to complain about everything?

Since when somebody complains, strikes or fights -the state- for pleasure?

How fucked up can you be?

Why do we think that Tunisia is problem free, and set such low standards in accountability?

Are we blind, deaf, naive or all of them?

Under whose watch Tunisia became this trap for its own people?

Who let the technocrats become plutocrats, so they end up kleptocrats?

Why in Tunisia a minister is also a businessman and a lobbyist and has by far much more privileges and power than 99% of the people?

Since when you have to know Politician to do serious business?

Isn’t his a form of alienation so we witness our slow painful death?

Why in Tunisia, the poor is being shamed because he could not make it, in a system rigged by the same people that shame him?

Why am I afraid of going back to my own country, when in the US, France, UK, Netherlands, and even Germany people openly ask Muslims to get the fuck off of their fucking land?

Why did you abandon us?

We are the generation who only knew the disastrous VISA regime which alienated our whole youth.

VISA is an administrative tool that is used to restrict radically the freedom of movement of all the people in all the former colonies, except the skilled or the rich. It is a one way wall.

By applying VISA, rich countries shrink virtually the size of the planet for most of the people living on it. So their citizens are the only ones who can go freely wherever they please. But not the other way around.

The paradox is that these rich countries exploited the former colonies, and then shut the doors.

It’s unfair to leave us with the most crooked that you, Europeans, supported, then take our most skilled away from their home country. I’m talking to France, Germany and more…

We have the right to build our own countries back. We need our best men back, and also your best hopes. Fuck quarterly economic growth, we will be by your side on the long run, helpful and welcomeful.

Do trade, academic partnerships and joint social projects, and lawfully protect your partners. Don’t take advantage of a corrupt system, by contributing to it. Do not feed greed and injustice. Research your people and be demanding about ethics. If you don’t do ethics yourselves, we can do them for you, and lead the way in intercultural ethics.

Until then, humans will still be made illegals for crossing limits that do not naturally exist.

We are guilty of letting things behind in Tunisia. Eventually “someone” would come and pick things up, so things get better.

A pure egoistic fallacy, that I am also guilty of. Nobody likes guilt or responsibility for what’s bigger than us. But if we don’t feel guilt, we will keep running on an infinite wheel, like hamsters.

We need to empower ourselves to fight back. I do not plead for physical violence, not pleading so people get threatened in their own physical integrity. Violence opens a large way for criminals that we are not, and that’s what our enemies do.

We weaponize our minds with science and knowledge, so we become in something where you can not bullshit us anymore. If we die, our ideas won’t, if they are good.

Alternative schools of thought are available on the internets and all of the disciplines on earth are available for free. If you are into academic courses you can use Udemy and Coursera. Learning to code and understand computers might seem complicated at first, but machines end up being simpler than one might think. You can start with CodeAcademy or if you want to become a command line Ninja take a look at cmdchallenge. If you are into productive gaming, take a look at CTF challenges, and figure this out yourself. If you are into science videos I would just drop the gem that is. For those into economics, I would highly recommend to watch the talks of Noam Chomsky and Anat Admati, but also this comprehensive documentary.  Numerous links are available everywhere for politics, psychology, arts and music. Twitter is the tool and Edward Snowden is our safe bet, always.

We have unpredictable obstacles, back in Tunisia, from the worst kind. Corruption, racketing, blackmailing, and closed doors are what I discovered to be common practice in Tunisia, still. Some very serious white collar gangsta shit is happening right now in Tunisia.

We have to be strong with ethics to face this shit.

In 2017’s Tunisia anyone with some will to build or change would face some bad ass pressuring and bullying. It is not okay to bully when the victims are trying to actually solve things, and it will never be okay.

No need to make new heroes when enough have fallen. Enough of dead heroes, we want alive youth.

Change and greed might create fear. Fear of what is not known, and of generational takeover. If your sons are not qualified, someone else has to take over. These ones will take back their own space. You might call them crazy, or a threat, and you are right, some of them are both crazy and a threat.

If re-sharing the pie and fight to make it fair for the most is a threat, then indeed your grip will not last long.

I am fighting back, not because I like to throw myself into fire, but because I am required to do so. My age, my education and my responsibility towards our upcoming generations make me responsible by default. If i don’t succeed, somebody else will try harder, but at least we open the door as much as we can.

You motherfuckers don’t understand that our strength is transparency, our voice is internet and our weapon is science. It is not a revolution, it is a fucking tsunami of culture, discipline and expertise that we come with, so we break, gently, your crooked backs. I can send a list of books, so you can defend yourselves. Our references are listed above, and we announce our next moves, so it’s even more pleasant to see you drown in your own ignorance.

We are not here for the  money or the prestige. We are here so our children don’t have to run away from their father’s country because in 2017 nobody took a stand to the shit going on in Tunisia.

We graduated from the best troll schools, we have master’s degrees with Youtube videos, we speak qwerty, we decipher bullshit and catch the most regarded flags. Now you can fear us, but for the good reasons.

And do not get me wrong, we are coming for the money, because we will make money in Tunisia. We deserve the to strive and prosper in our own home countries, and you are standing in our way.

We do not love money, only the empty minds do, and too much of it made you fat, greedy and selfish.

We have people to invest in, brains, sun and good food, not fucking cameras. Enough to create a civilization, if not you.

When the whole world is a threat for us, we Muslim-looking North Africans, we will need a safe heaven. This safe heaven is Tunisia. And we will make it heaven for all, the poorest first.

And fuck Loi52, we are not here to fight for the right of getting high. It is like asking caring about the garden when the whole house is set on fire. We care about freedoms, and you know that you took them away, for your personal benefit.

I have encountered and lived with the kinds of Tunisians who lacked balls to take the stand. We don’t change the world until we wipe our own asses.

No names to be listed. We are not Police. But shame will be called, on the ones who did not care. (If you think it is a GoT reference you are very right).

Shame on the Tunisians:

Fuck Tunisian men. The Tunisian people failed because not enough men showed up and stood for something. Fuck you for not standing for something.

And the Tunisian women. Fuck the Tunisian women, since real women died. Fuck you, you are not all Kenza Fourati and fuck Kenza Fourati. Our women code and write and care and smile. Kenza Fourati never smiles. It gives her wrinkles.

Plus, where the fuck are you Tunisian women? What’s the Tunisian workforce without its women. Stop being girls and fuck your nail polish. Fuck your nail polish and get to fucking work.

Your voice will be heard if you fight to be heard, like all of us. No husband, father or brother will stand by you. Stand for yourselves and we will follow you. You know what’s better for our children. Please don’t get fooled with glitter. There is no pride in being the wife, daughter or sister of someone.

Be someone!

Shame on the Tunisian young and educated youth:

You the people who are supposed to read this blog post, if you ever read.

Fuck you for being eternal victims of your own fate. Fuck your education if you can’t put in question your very own environment. Non critical thinking is not education. Stop dreaming of a world you only see on screens, and stop dreaming at all. Shit doesn’t get done with dreams. Shit gets done by actually doing it.

Fuck you for not asking for your rights not even once. Cupcakes on Instagram will just make you alienated consumers when you have the tools to produce.

Do not be what you are told or supposed to be, be what you do and what you think. Do what you think, and think of it beforehand, without pissing off people.

Be loyal to a cause, do not give up on ethics, even if you don’t see them in your day-to-day life.  And please do not cede to the empty promises of lying religious people. They lie.

Ask for more from everyone, and take bullshit as an answer.

You only fight well for causes you yourself have shaped, with which you identify — and burn. René Char

Shame on the politicians:

Fuck yo… Wait. Politicians. Man.

You fucking idiots think you are born better because somebody put for your name in a box.

You motherfuckers are useless interchangeable persons who are put in charge to be held accountable. Not to hold the people you govern accountable for seeing your flaws. You mistakes will damage real lives, and your activity has to be closely monitored.

You motherfuckers led the country to a wall, and still think you are still in command of sunk ship.

Tunisian politicians, not only are known to be corrupted chronic liars, but they contribute actively into destroying any Tunisian potential which seems to go out of their control.

The lack of dignity and respect that every Tunisian feels dailym in Tunisia or outside of it, is the direct result of what Tunisian politicians decide on a day-to-day basis.

And all the Tunisian politicians must be held accountable against their responsibilities, and stripped off all the privileges inherited from the French colony era, and nothing less.

In Tunisia being a politician must become a task and not an honor, and nothing less.

Fuck the deepest reason of your own existence, we don’t need you. And fuck you in the name of every Tunisian alive and suffering, or dead, because of a lie that some coward politician said on TV.

I saw you begging for money and plainly lying in developed countries. You were begging for money and lying about providing more more rights to your own people, transparency and fairness to incredulous French, Germans and Americans. Begging and lying.

That’s a shame you have to be told to treat better your very own people. No pride in being a politician in Tunisia. It is actually shameful when you literally live in open air trash.

No side is good. We don’t want to have to choose between sides. We want to choose between good ideas, and you can’t even remotely generate a bad idea.

Shame on the police:

Fuck the POLICE!!!


It will never be enough to say it. FUCK THE POLICE!!!

Dogs of the state, brain washed humans that only reply to orders without thinking of the consequences they have, daily, on the populations they monitor.

It is is crazy to see how Police is the very same fluid that made dictatorships strive in Tunisia, and yet, nobody came first and asked Police gets fucking reformed from the ground up. “Circulez il n’y a rien à voir” is not an accepted excuse, and we will be demanding.

All of us felt that anger growing when our local Judge Dredds abused in one way or another our very basic freedoms.

Cut your bullshit about defending the country from scary terrorists when Tunisian Police is actively terrorizing everybody else. What do we call you if not institutional armed terrorists, whose sole job is to monitor ever move anyone makes out of a certain pattern.

Police, you are  just a bunch of individuals under the command of very corrupted people convincing you that if you lose grip on the young, poor and helpless, you will be hated and pursued.

You will be even more hated and pursued if you keep following these orders.

We don’t need you as security gatekeepers at the expense of our basic freedoms. We want to defend our own fate for ourselves by ourselves, because we know what we are doing, and it does not fit your masters’ very narrow minded agenda.

Tunisians are not born with the will of being governed by despotic people by default. We will master our future, and know what’s best for us, and you DO NOT belong there.


Shame on the judges, lawyers and all of the Tunisian judicial system:

Fuck your laws, you will never stop putting more of them, when less is needed. Micro managing citizens is a tool of dictators.

Fuck your laws, they are getting even harsher towards the more, so the few are more immune and richer. In the open.

Fuck your laws, made by the greedy for the greedy. Your whole apparatus is made so your masters are well fed.

Fuck your laws which do not apply to all. Tunisian tailor-made injustice, highly correlated to your income level.

Fuck you, you are supposed to be the guarantee of a fair state, but instead we ended up with a court of monkeys just capable of fetching bananas, thrown by your masters.

Shame on the religious:

Fuck you! Liars!

Religious are just LIARS convinced of their lies. They do not know what they are talking about. They have no guarantee, and do not manage guest-lists for heaven.

Fuck and fuck your supposedly correct lifestyle.

Fuck you, bunch of lying idiots idiots.

Fuck your conservatism and outdated values.

Fuck your fight for the after-life so you make us have shitty lives.

Fuck your Saudi Arabia, money worshippers and historically the biggest assholes in the whole region.

Fuck you Muslim clercs, Imams, preachers, writers brain washers, and whoever the fuck you are.

Fuck you!!!

Where were you when Trump banned Muslims from his land. Where are you when Muslims are being ridiculed in France and Holland. Where were you when a 1 million of Muslim flew their homes.

Ennahdha was first to support the election of Donald J Trump. It is like a 1930s Jewish party supported the election of Hitler. You dumb asses do not see that nazi shit is going on here.


Lying cowards!

Shame on the artists:

Fuck if you are a Tunisian artist. Whoever you are. Fuck your art.

Fuck your art which made you money slaves. Tunisian artists are so much greedy that they have the worst reputations in places like Paris and Berlin.

Surfing on the untimely Arab spring shit, they made us a marketing product for the white masses. To get little more money.

Cheap uncultured individuals who think that the world owes them much because they have been reading a book lately.

Fuck you art. And fuck your cheap souls.

I piss on you individually. Twice if necessary.

Shame on the French:

Fuck France and its army of surrogates leading the country to ruins since the colonization. Fuck your life style and fuck your trade, your codes and your very narrow mind.

Fuck the Tunisians who worship the French. Fuck the Franco-Tunisians harder than anyone else. There is more of you than needed, and our best wishes to not burn in Le Pen’s hell.

Fuck the French and fuck the vision-lacking Franco-fake-businessmen.

Cowards with zero decency are the ones who still remain in France for any whatsoever reason. Shame should be their first thought when they accept to be publicly mistreated on a daily basis on French public TV.

By the way, if Marine Le Pen wins in France, I am telling the Arab people there that we will not come to save them. Too dangerous. Please have some decency and leave before they come after you with forks. They already did.

Shame on the academicians, researchers and scientists:

Where the fuck are you?

Shame on the media:

Fuck the media. A group of ignorant people talking of something they don’t know.

And Fuck Semi Fehri.

Shame the ones who left:

Fuck you and come back.

Respect to the rappers:

The only ones who stood for something in their day-to-day creative effort.

The most sensitive and truthful ones are indeed the ones who look like normal people with now pretension.

Big up to the people who keep make me believe that our youth is full of talent, and we name them: King Klay BBJ, Hamzaoui Med Amine, Phenix, Sanfara, GGA, Radi, Vipa & Massi, Katybon, Kafon, Medusa and Queen Nesrine… And even trill gang and Zomra.

You guys keep going. You are effectively changing things, by hammering out loud what all of the others feel. Many of you will be heard on radio stations, few will make their way in history classes.

What we are asking is simple: Freedoms, all of them, for all, now.

Fair justice and equal opportunities, for the poorest of us, will guarantee the continuity of these freedoms.

We want to replicate what we saw abroad, in our countries, so the ones who stay don’t feel trapped.

We bring high moral ground, taste, ethics and hope. Do not stand in our way.