People like us change the world.

by Saboon Fnord

Here we are. Once again. In-between two major crisis and depressed fellow citizens.

This is who we are and this where we belong. Tunisia.

We were born under a dictatorship. In a country with history and no civilization. We remain under dictatorships. Mental, financial and most of all personal.

We were pre-destined to follow, but our fate is to lead. We will be builders.

I am talking in my name, and and in the name of my generation. I took the right to speak and nobody can withdraw me this basic right.

After two major terrorist attacks, an economical decay and a social catastrophe, we can’t go any lower…

So we rise!

Tunisia in spheres (@noo.sab)


Tunisia. This heaven which became an open air hell. Our land. And they will want to take it from us.


We are the “Young”.

Born between 1980 and 1990.

We know what’s “political stability” and we remember these simple things that link our parents’ nostalgia to our children’s unstable country.

I don’t believe in another collective people’s uprisal.

I believe in individual achievements… For a better collective well-being.


Because we were not given the choice. It’s an obligation.

Our fate is to succeed where our older siblings failed.

We are meant to be leaders. Obliged.


We were trained to treat each other as poor minded people do. Rejection and denial of equal rights.

I think it’s the worst way to build a society.

We should lead as young managers and visionnaires.

We can’t follow the path of these old bureaucrats. We are not allowed to fail in social equality.

We can’t afford social inequality.


The future is now!

Changing the world may start with a tweet.